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Finding the best fit for our clients is what Cook does best. And there's no exception when it comes to hiring the right people to pave way for the future of Cook.

Cook's employees all share the powerful combination of passion, innovation, intelligence, and integrity. We are an entrepreneurial company that understands the importance of continuous innovation and remaining competitive in the marketplace. We've been in business since 1961 - no small feat - resulting in a rich history packed with tremendous growth and successful partnerships.

Joining Cook means becoming part of an organization that fosters creativity, excitement, cross-functional learning, and mentorship for improvement. We work as a team to deliver only the best results to our clients. We are not transaction-focused, but relationship-focused. Our successful track record speaks volumes and as a result, we've enriched and strengthened companies from early-stage entrepreneurial firms and private equity groups, to multinational corporations.

Cook Associates Inquiry
Please contact Mary Kier at: mkier@cookassociates.com